Junior Melisa Leon Balances work at Family-Owned Restaurant with School and Dance

By Brianna Hennessey, Yearbook Staffer

Sophomore, Melisa Leon, has to balance dance, work and school into her busy schedule. With not much time on her hands, she doesn’t get to work often. Melisa works as a hostess at her family owned restaurant, El Maguey, located at 3601 North St. Peters Parkway, St. Peters, MO. Working with her family has many advantages and disadvantages.


“It’s interesting [working for my family],” Melisa said.” There’s a lot of drama. It’s a lot of like bias things that people think happens. It’s interesting.” 


Melisa’s sister,  Erica Leon, feels the same way when it comes to working for their family. 


“I get to see them more often,” Erica said. “But I see them way too much.”


Work partners can build different relationships depending on how often they see each other, but  working with their family has brought them closer to each other, but it has also brought up some changes at home. 


“Sometimes me and Erica have gotten in fights about a card that we have to have together, which I lost yesterday, but I found in my room later that day,” Melisa said. 


With dance consuming the majority of Melisa’s time, she has no time to go to work. Meanwhile, her sister Erica, is consumed in work for a very special reason.


“I’m trying to learn more about restaurants because I’m trying to own my own one day,” Erica said.


Sometimes, customers have complaints when it comes to service. Both sisters have the same ideas when it comes to dealing with a bad customer. 


“Usually, I just tell them there’s nothing I can do, and that the manager won’t exactly do anything about it,” Melisa said. “So, I don’t feel bad when they’re unsatisfied.” 


When it comes to getting a first job, it can be stressful and cause anxiety, but Erica has some good advice on starting. 


“Don’t ever be late or ask for too many days off,” Erica said.