Juniors Josh Teemul and Cole Sherman Sell Shoes as Side Job


By Mollie Roberts, Yearbook Sports Editor

After taking their first business classes here at FHN, juniors Josh Teemul and Cole Sherman have decided to use their new found knowledge to make a profit of their own. Since the beginning of summer they have been purchasing and reselling shoes from various sources to make extra money outside of their jobs.


“I started selling shoes because I really enjoy the feeling you get when you get your hands on a shoe,” Sherman said. “It is the best feeling knowing you can make tons of profit.”


Many things go into selling the perfect pair of shoes like finding the right shoe, the best purchase price and the size of the shoe because some sizes are more rare and profitable than others. 


“The process of getting the shoes is you first find the release date for shoes you want,” Sherman said. “Josh and I usually do some research on if it’s profitable and if so, we choose the size we want to go for. Then normally we use multiple devices to increase our chances [of getting the shoes]. It is all about being fast so things don’t sell out before you can get them.”


Many times the process of getting the shoes is stressful because of the lack of service which can happen on some of the more popular websites because so many people are trying to buy all at once. In many cases that is what decreases the likelihood of actually getting the shoes, but makes it even more rewarding when they deal is done.


“My favorite pair of shoes we have sold would have to be the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott’s,” Teemul said. “They were they best pair to get because we spent about $110 to try and win them out of a key master machine because the shoes were worth $800 and we knew they would instantly sell.”