Senior Plum Rousseau models and works at Family-Owned Business

By Emma Oetting, Yearbook Staffer

Lights, camera, action. The cliche line that for Senior Plum Rousseau, has become a reality. Growing up on the road to becoming a star is not easy, but Rousseau has never been fazed by the fact. 


“When I was about six, I started doing pictures for dance and I just loved being in front of a camera,” Rousseau said. “The moment I realized I could make a career out of it, it’s something that’s not easy to get into, I just knew that it was something I could pursue as long as I tried.” 


From going to school during the day, to modeling in the afternoon and working at her father’s restaurant in the evening, time never seems to slow for Rousseau. As the end of her high school year draw close to an end, the hopes of someday carrying out her dream in California has taken a toll on Rousseau’s mind. 


“I plan to carry out acting and modeling, I just hope one day I get to make it to L.A. and perform in front of L.A. agents,” Rousseau said. “If I get signed by those I’ll probably move out there and continue my career.” 


Along with her developing modeling career, Rousseau also works alongside her father at their family restaurant, R.T Weiler’s, in Downtown St. Charles. Working  multiple jobs is stressful and time consuming, but with the thought of her future Rousseau continues her early mornings and late nights.


“Money is the biggest reason why I work these jobs, but also kind of gets everything off of my mind. Sometimes it can be really stressful ,but other times it can be easy just depending on the day,” Rousseau said.


Junior Natalie Moran and senior Hayden Gruszczynki, good friends of Rousseau’s, have visited her multiple times when working. 


“We visited Plum at her dad’s restaurant, R.T. Weiler’s, many times,” Moran said. “It was busy; Plum was hosting and running around the restaurant doing a thousand things. I know she doesn’t sleep that often, but I think she manages her time well and that helps her to go to work and still have time for school work.”