All-Knighter Needs More Senior Parents


By Riley Witherbee, Photographer

With the school year starting, so does the planning for the All-Knighter. The All-Knighter is an all-night lock in party for seniors at FHN on the night they graduate. It is a “last goodbye” for their class before they all go their separate ways.


“It was a good time to just have fun and celebrate graduating high school while having one last bonding experience with your classmates,” graduate of FHN of 2019, Jack Parks said.


Senior parents on the committee have already started fundraising for the big event. At Black and Gold day on Aug 24, the senior parents sold cupcakes from Lollies Cakes, making over $230. Along with the Black and Gold day fundraiser, they also reopened the snack table.


“The snack table is proving successful but we also hope to have a trivia night in the winter,” Shelby Witherbee, a senior parent and All-Knighter Co-chair said. “We need more senior parents to come forward to help run events that will raise money for the All-Knighter.”


The loss of the snack table was a worry for both the students and the committee. The snack table brings in the most profits of any fundraisers done in the past. The worry of losing it was caused because there was no parents volunteering to run it.


“Losing the snack table would suck because I don’t buy lunches,” senior Hailey Jenkins said. “It has been there for the past three years and if it went away my senior year, I don’t know what I would do.”


The All-Knighter is certainly an event that the seniors look forward to. They have the chance to celebrate, spend time with friends, play games, eat food, win prizes, receive gifts and so much more. The committee is still looking for more senior parents to join and help.


“This event will be a big success if we have all of the help that is needed,” Witherbee said. “We just want to let the kids finish their high school career together, at FHN, where it started.”