Three Local Locations To Take Homecoming Pictures At


By Jon Fitch, FHN Today Staffer

Wapelhorst Park

“Wapelhorst is pretty nice because the lake offers a more formal and dynamic place to take photos” Junior Ashleigh Lowery said.


Wapelhorst Park is off of Muegge Road, it has a small lake with a fountain in it and a gazebo on the edge of the lake. There is also a path that surrounds the park and goes through a section of trees. All of these things provide a great photo opportunity.



Click HERE for a 360 picture of the lake

Click HERE for a 360 picture of the pathway that leads in to the trees

Click HERE for a 360 picture of a spot that over looks the lake.

Main Street 

“Old St.Charles is one of my favorite places to take homecoming photos because it is pretty down there with the river, train station and historic buildings” senior Emilee Statzer said.


Old St.Charles covers a wide area by the river. It includes main street, the boat house, a train station and Frontier park. Main street has a lot of photo opportunities because there are a lot of old buildings, benches and cobble streets. The boat house, train station and Frontier park all overlook the river and there are places to sit.


Click HERE for a 360 picture of Berthold square

Click HERE for a 360 picture of the gazebo

Click HERE for a 360 picture of the train station


Veterans Tribute Park

“ Veterans tribute park is where I enjoy taking pictures at because there is an expansive amount of landscape and trees that go well with photos” senior Alex Ortiz said.


Veterans tribute park is a relatively new park off of Kisker Road. The park offers two lakes and a creek with a bridge that goes over it and a dock on one of the lakes. On the upper part of the park there is a red silo and a boardwalk that overlooks the two lakes. There is a pathway that goes from the top side of the park to the bottom part and it passes by the creek and goes through a group of trees.


Click HERE for a 360 picture of the two bridges

Click HERE for a 360 picture of the dock on the lake

Click HERE for a 360 picture on the boardwalk overlooking the lakes