Drama Club Puts on Three Plays Instead of Two


Rehearsing their lines, junior Megan Miller and sophomore Bryce James practice for the upcoming play “Lion and the Mouse Stories”. The play was preformed on Sept. 26, 27, and 28. The next two plays are set to happen in late November and early April. (Photo by Anna Hollinger)

By Julia Sampolska, North Star Reporter

In FHN’s past, theater usually produced one play at the beginning of the year and one at the end. This year, the drama club has a surprise for FHN. They will prepare not two but three plays in total, so two plays will be hosted in the fall. The season will wrap up in the spring with the annual musical.

“I am pretty excited to be doing more shows since each show ends up coming together so well,” Megan Miller, vice president of drama club, said. “Plus, it gives us even more of an opportunity to include many who want to be involved in drama club.’’

The opening show for this fall was The Lion and Mouse Stories. The play was actually four short stories put into one show. In true Aesop fashion, they featured a very clever mouse and an arrogant lion. Now that show has wrapped up in September, they will work on a second play, Once Upon a Pandora’s Box. As a big finale, drama club is preparing the world-renowned musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

“I am super excited to have new people in drama with us, there’s lots of members who bring all sorts of new ideas and help make the show special,” said drama club member Lara Traversy.

The addition of the shows is a welcome change of scheduling and is brewing excitement in drama club. There are about 35-50 people working on each show between the set, costumes and the performers.

“I’m most excited to see what kind of magic we can make happen with hard work and dedication we put into each show,” Miller said.