FHN Homecoming Traditions Connect Students


Credit to Sammie Herr

Senior Patty O’Leary at the Homecoming Pep Assembly, held on Sept. 14 in the large gym.

By Uma Upamaka, Web Staffer

Homecoming has evolved over the years. From the first one at Mizzou, to its countrywide expansion, it is an integral American high school tradition. Because of this expansion, each school tends to have its own unique traditions, and FHN is no different in this regard. 

“Themes are adhered to well,” senior Harshitha Segabandi said, who has attended the dance all three years of high school so far. “The decorations are always nice to look at during the dance. The refreshments are always good, and the atmosphere is always really vibrant and fun.”

Junior Ben Ell added, “Especially this year, with the theme of Knights Around the World, I think it’ll be really cool. It’s just a good time with your friends.” 

Aside from the dance itself, students typically enjoy spirit week and the days in it.

“They’re usually really creative with spirit week,” said Ell. “The themes for each day are well thought out and involved.”

Some of this year’s themes were unique to this school year, with the incorporation of “VSCO Girls vs. E-boys” as a theme. Despite changes, however, many days remain the same. Such as Black and Gold Day, Jersey Day and Class Colors Day.

“Class Colors Day builds a lot of school spirit,” Segabandi, who is also a member of Student Council Cabinet, said. “It gets everyone really hyped up for the game and the dance, and makes everything that much more fun.” 

Further, Class Colors Day acts as an end to the week and an expression of the friendly animosity between classes.

“Junior-senior wars can get out of hand, but ⁠—at least during the pep assembly⁠— it’s all fun ” said Ell.

While the divisions between class colors may appear to fester animosity from the outside, this particular tradition’s positive effect upon unity and spirit is undeniable.

“The excitement is always great during the pep assembly,” said Segabandi. “It makes everyone want to participate in school spirit.”

Overall, traditions at FHN evolve every single year. However, some remain the same decade after decade and bind past classes of FHN to those of the present and future.

“I think it’s really cool how the whole school has traditions to bond over and teach new freshmen as they come in,” said Segabandi. “It brings us together.”