Junior Jordyn Inman Puts her Phone Away to Avoid Distractions


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Illustration of a rotary phone. Black and white. Drawn using Adobe illustrator.

By Chloe Horstman

Going from one challenging course to the next, junior Jordyn Inman walks to her AP Language class, ready to learn. After school, she’ll walk to the tennis courts for practice, if she is not going to a meeting for HOSA, StuCo, Science Club or volunteering for NHS. With such a busy schedule, it is hard to stay caught up with school, but Inman manages by paying attention and turning down the tempting distraction– she keeps her phone away during class.

Inman gives her full attention in class and believes that being on her phone during class would interfere with her learning and academic success.

“I think I would probably not do as well [in school] if I was on my phone,” Inman said.  “I wouldn’t be getting the information in full, you’re kind of skipping some parts and filtering in your brain what you’re actually hearing versus what’s actually being said.”

After all the activities her day demands, Inman sits down for an average of three to four hours of homework each night, the heaviest loads being from AP Chemistry and Honors Algebra 2.  Inman’s mother Kari Fichter takes note of her daughter’s commitment to her education.

“I’ve seen her notes that she takes during classes,” Fichter said. “I just can’t imagine that she would have time to be on her phone at the same time and getting that type of work done at school.”

Rather than giving in to the temptation of scrolling through her phone during free time in class, Inman keeps it away. Instead, she uses her free time to work on homework assignments that she knows she will have a limited time at home to complete.

“I’ll put it in my bookbag or sometimes I’ll just be too overwhelmed with homework to even think about doing something for fun,” Inman said.

Junior Sydney Giacomarra sits across from Inman in third hour AP Lang class, and the two participate in attention demanding class discussions frequently.

Even though Youtube, Student Campus, and text messages from friends are calling for her attention, Inman instead chooses to go against the grain and resist the urge to pick up the phone when a notification rings.

“I’m pretty pleased with the student she is,” Fichter said. “I think that there’s a time for phones and a time for no phones, and I would think in class would be a time when phones should be put away.”