Marching Band Trains for Competition Season


At the football game on Sept. 6, sophomore Rylie Miller plays the alto saxophone in Knightpride’s new marching band show, “Freeze.” This is Miller’s second show with the band. “I enjoy experiencing band memories with my friends,” Miller said. (Photo by Avery Witherbee)

By Julia Sampolska, North Star Reporter

   FHN hosts a marching band competition on Oct. 19 called Music in Motion, though they will not compete in it. They will they be competing in high school level competitions, including two Bands of America (BOA) competitions.

“I’m so excited for the competitions,” saxophone player Rylie Miller said. “I love waiting for the results after a really good run and getting to be competitive with other bands across the region.”

This year, marching band’s music repertoire includes some new, fresh songs like Cold as Ice, Freeze, Winter and the well-known song “Let It Go”.

“We perform one song formed out of multiple short segments of other songs at competitions,” said snare drum player Andrew Reese. “The only place we play more than one is at football games.”

Marching band practices Monday to  Friday each week, to be prepared for their competitions on the weekends.

“The way we practice for competition is just playing music and ironing out the rough parts until it’s nice and smooth,” rack player Trevor Gestring said.

As it turns out, band is not just a group of musicians, but more like a family that travels to achieve musical successes together. Members of the marching band recall how important the band is to them, not only in the moments when they create music together but also in their private lives.

“I started marching band because I enjoyed music more than the alternative of soccer, but as time went on and as I connected more with my section, my reason has shaped into wanting to spend time with the family we’ve built and have fun with them,” Reese said.