Snack Table Remains in Business After Almost Shutting Down


At the snack table, junior Brandi Stover hands money to a parent volunteer. The snack table has a variety of snacks for students and staff members to choose from. The money collected will go towards the Senior All-Knighter. (Photo by Allie Moore)

By Aadhi Satishkumar, North Star Reporter

     FHN students returning to school this year may have been confused about the lack of the snack table outside the commons. This familiar sight, which was made to raise money for the All-Knighter, finally opened on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

   “We had a few problems starting up,” Holly Gannon, co-head of the snack table, said. “We’ve been having a challenging time getting parents to join, and we are still without a chairperson for the table.”

    The main reason for the delay in the snack table opening was the lack of parent volunteers. Parents are hesitant to volunteer due to the number of hours they would have to put in. Another reason that the snack table was delayed was because getting its previous year’s bank account transferred made problems become evident. That money is used to purchase more snacks for the table. These problems have, for the most part, been fixed, but the table could still use more volunteers.

    “I went to the snack table pretty much everyday last year,” sophomore Jack Luong said. “I had money thinking the snack table was going to open but I got sad when it wasn’t there.”

    The snacks on the table were the same but not present: gummy worms missing and no fruit roll-ups being sold. Parents can help the snack table by volunteering, either by working the table or getting snacks. Parents can visit the FHN website to get in contact with the snack table and All-Knighter heads. With more parent involvement, the snack table looks to add new items and make sure to be open every school day.

    “I know how much the students liked the snack table,” Shelby Witherbee, co-head of the snack table, said. “I have no idea how you could replace it. It just seems impossible.”