St. Andrews Cinema catches fire


Credit to Parker Kilen

By Parker Kilen, reporter

On October 2nd the St. Andrews cinema movie theatre caught fire due to an electrical malfunction, and had to close. English teacher Jessica Thro recently went to the cinema with teacher Tracy Wuertenberg and saw the rocky horror picture show the weekend before the fire happened and were shocked when they heard the news. Thro really likes the cinema and will miss it while it’s closed.

“Yeah, I think it’s nice that we have a place that’s been around [for] so long and I think it’s nice that you can go and see a movie for a little it cheaper because movies are so expensive these days so it’s kind of nice that we have that out here.” Thro said. “We went to see the rocky horror picture show.”

Another person who really loved the St. Andrews cinema is junior Seth Matthews. Matthews was watching Spiderman the previous week and he was deeply saddened when he heard about the place catching fire and closing.

“I’ve gone there all of my life and it’s just been a place where me and my family can go and chill.” Matthews said.

Although the St. Andrews cinema caught fire the city still plans on fixing it and making the place even better.

“At least I know they’re gonna attempt to fix it so it makes me happy,” Matthews said “The place was old and worn down, it might have been a good thing just so they could update everything and make it look better.”