Minecraft Rises to Relevancy Again


By Minnie Adams, North Star Writer

Created on May 17th, 2009 was a revolutionary sandbox game where you can fight skeletons and pixelated brocolis, eat cooked chicken and pumpkin pie, and get so lost in caves you begin to cry and dig straight up only to realize you were 10 feet away. This was called Minecraft, and it took the world by storm.

It garnered hundreds of popular YouTubers who played it, Merchandise, and a cult following. Fans were in love with the endless possibilities with creative mode and the challenging and enthralling survival mode. Unfortunately, over the years, the social acceptance and trend of Minecraft was dying out. Last year it gained 20 million players, though playing it wasn’t so cool. Fortnite was the brand new shiny obsession most gamers had, but when it came to the variety of things you were able to do, Minecraft came out on top. Fortnite even made creative and playground options to broaden its horizon, but efforts to meet the wide array of options in game play were ultimately a failure.

It became clear that most games could never match what Minecraft has built, starting the resurrection of a game once thought to be long dead.

Junior Phillip Linarasi has been playing for five years and currently plays weekly. His friends on Xbox got him back into it and, with the help of social media and YouTube, he thinks the resurgence will last a few more months. Though it does distract from homework, he finds the game very relaxing.

“You can play for really long without realizing,” Linarasi said.

Art teacher Courtney Flamm has also witnessed the resurgence from behind her desk.

“I don’t know much about it, but I appreciate how imaginative it is and it gives kids the opportunity to be creative,” Flamm said.