Annual Dogtoberfest to Take Place On Oct. 12


On Oct. 12, the City of Saint Charles Animal Control will be hosting their 12th annual Dogtoberfest in Shelter Three at Wapelhorst Park.

“It’s just a fun fall event we have where people can dress their dogs up in costumes and participate in fun activities that we have,” Rachel Winchester, an animal control officer for The City of Saint Charles, said.

Any dog is welcome to the festival as long as they’re under control and on leashes at all times. Saint Charles Animal County will be a vendor this year for the festival.

“Saint Charles County has laws about making sure that animals are kept safely and securely,” Doug Bulnick, public informationist at Saint Charles Animal County, said.  “One thing that we do is enforce that law, and we also run an adoption facility.”

Pet owners can get tracking devices for their dogs called microchips and learn how to properly care for their dogs at their booth. In addition to Saint Charles Animal County, some of the other vendors attending include All Paws Rescue, Tempo of the Dog, Dogs on Duty, Saving St. Louis Pets and there will be a food truck for dogs.

“So, we don’t have it set up completely for this year [yet],” Winchester said. “So we’re going to have to think of a couple of new events that we haven’t decided yet.”

Another event at the festival is the small parade around the park. As dogs participate in the parade through the park, judges inspect each dog and their costumes to determine the first, second and third place winners of the costume contest. Winners of this contest will receive prize baskets.

“We’re just trying to have a fun, dog-friendly event where people can come out and meet their local animal control, ask questions if they have them, and maybe adopt a dog,” Winchester said. “You know, it’s just like a fun, free thing to do with your dog.”