Senior Sam Key Becomes President of DECA

Senior Sam Key posing with an award she received at a DECA competition (photo submitted)

Senior Sam Key posing with an award she received at a DECA competition (photo submitted)

By Hugh Kibera, Yearbook Staffer

Being President of a club at FHN while juggling AP Classes and other clubs is undoubtedly hard, but senior Sam Key pulls it off seamlessly. Key is the current president of DECA, which, in simple words, is a competitive business club. They attended and host loads of marketing-related events, where performing “role-plays” is essential.At competitions, members take a test and present an interview to the judges, and the judges decide if you meet the requirements to advance onto the next level.

“They’ll place you first, second, and third,” Key said.

Key joined DECA because she really enjoyed her Intro To Business class as a sophomore, so from the start she knew she wanted to be in marketing as a junior. Unknowingly, she had got elected as president, even though she didn’t sign up in the first place. So, so far, this has been a whole new experience for her as well as her club members.

“I was very surprised, I had signed up for VP, and they pulled me aside one day and told me I would actually be a very good fit for president,” Key said.

Besides being a business club, DECA is also a family. One of the “socials/team bonding” activities is the Team Volleyball Tournament for DECA, which is coming up in Jan., 2020.

People that are not part of the club can participate and get into teams, so it’s a fun activity for the members & non-members all around.

“You all dress up because you’ll have a theme, and you just play volleyball,” Key said.

Besides being a good representative for DECA, Key is also a role model in class. Teacher Lori Moore, a co-advisor for DECA, has Key for her third period and has noticed Key has an unquestionably live and leadership-like spirit. 

“Sam is an awesome role model in class, she is always on task, always doing her work and [is] very insightful when it comes to marketing,” Moore said. “She can relate content to real-word experiences. My favorite thing about her is that she can work with all different kinds of kids.”