Girls Tennis Team Has A Small Amount of Seniors


By Jon Fitch

This new year came with different seniors compared to last year, which in turn came with all new responsibilities. These new responsibilities include being a leader and someone who other students can look up to.

This year there are four seniors: Amanda Hassenbeck, Courtney Peper, Daniela Negrete and Gabi Negrete. Last year there were 12.

 “It is hard to tell if the seniors are going to make a bigger impact than last year because there is less of them and the season just started,” junior varsity player Iris Lee said at the beginning of the season.

“Now that we are a couple of games into the season the seniors seem to be making a large impact on everyone even though there are less of them” Lee said.

The girls tennis coach, Samantha Soltysiak, wants this year to be different from last year by emphasizing and pushing for a community. She is doing this by mixing up who is playing on which court and trying to get the seniors to help with that.

 Students use the seniors as an important resource for help and advice. “ I hold the seniors to my highest expectations because they are my top players and have been there the longest,” said Soltysiak.

 “The other students look up to the seniors mainly because of their experience,” Lee said.

Soltysiak says that one of the main jobs of the seniors is “encouraging the underclassmen that it is okay to be on junior varsity and if they keep working they can be on varsity,”