Autism Speaks Walk [Photo Story]

By Joshua Wright, Photographer

Credit to Joshua Wr
A volunteer pushes a child in a bike around the kids’ area at the Autism Speaks Walk. The event had numerous children’s recreation activities including monkey bars and a sandpit.


 A volunteer holds a sign at the Autism Speaks Walk. The Autism Speaks Walk was an event held at Forest Park on October 12, from 10 AM to 12 AM and was open to anyone who wished to participate. The purpose of the event was to raise money for autism research and raise awareness.


The Emmett family walks with a crowd of people at the Autism Speaks walk. Many participants separated into groups, often families, in support of a single person. Each group wore a distinct t-shirt to support those affected by autism.


Hundreds of participants walk through Forest Park. The walk followed the opening ceremony and lasted about thirty minutes. After the walk, participants were given free food and access to numerous games and activities.


A participant cheers at the Autism Speaks Walk cheers using a blue tassel. To be considerate of those with autism, participants were asked to cheer using a tassel. Everyone attending the event was given a tassel upon registration.


A family holds a sign at the Autism Speaks Walk-in. This family was with the group “Abby’s Angels” to support their daughter Abby. Many families had signs to express their feelings or give words of encouragement.


Participants in the crowd at the Autism Speaks Walk cheer for a guest speaker. The event had multiple guest speakers including Fox 2 New co-anchor Margie Ellisor. The event also had multiple organizations that donated money for autism research.


Photo Story by Joshua Wright