FHN Students Showcase Artwork at Picasso’s [Photo Story]

By Anjolina Blackwell, Videographer

FHN student Trenton Brooksher’s art piece, titled “Take Off”, is displayed at Picasso’s on 5th Street. Brooksher used drypoint etching print to create the piece.


Senior Quinn Wrinkler created this artwork by drypoint etching print. Wrinkler, along with other students at FHN, attended Picasso’s meet the artists night at admire the art.


A drypoint etching piece created by senior Jake Percy was chosen to be shown at Picasso’s. The single snake was shown beside other artwork made by FHN students. Percy titled his piece “Joe”.


During the month of Oct., these four pieces were displayed in Picasso’s. Each artwork was created using a different type of media, from graphite to monoprint Every month, Picasso’s displays art made by various artists in the St. Charles area.


Senior Bryana Meitz’s painting is displayed in Picasso’s for the entire month of Oct., along with other artworks created by students. Her artwork was created using watercolor.


While discussing her artwork, senior Bryana Meitz smiles at the piece. Many art pieces, including Meitzs’, were created in a painting class at FHN taught by Mrs. Skwira. The art teachers came together and chose some of their students work to be displayed after making a deal with Picasso’s.


Senior Haven Rice listens intently to her family while sitting at Picasso’s. Rice has an art piece titled “The Watcher” displayed at Picasso’s. Rice bases her artwork off childhood experience, but enjoys adding dark twists. For this piece specifically, she reimagined the worms she crushed as a kid.























Photo Story by Anjolina Blackwell