FHN Hosts Second Ever International Festival


By Mahantaadhi Sathishkumar

On Nov. 13, the FHN student council hosted the second-ever international festival. It featured booths from 15 different groups, including booths from Indian, Palestinian, Hawaiian, Mexican, Spanish, German, French, Nigerian, Kenyan and Japanese cultures. These booths sold food, such as samosas from India and falafel from Palestine, and arts and crafts, such as bracelets and crafts. Groups also put on traditional dances, such as the Palestinian group’s Dabke dance.

“I was excited for the food,” Junior Melena Hammond said. “I knew it was delicious, and I like seeing all the different cultures and dances. I think it’s exciting and important to do that.”

Groups from FHN also participated in the festival. The German club had German snacks and music, the French club sold crepes, and the Spanish club had games such as sweet swap and Simon says in Spanish. KOE hosted a bouncy castle, and Delta and MAC scholars both held booths to showcase their clubs.

“I liked the kids showing off their individuality and seeing them be excited about the cultures,” Valerie Green, Spanish teacher and sponsor of Spanish club said. “I think it’s really cool when you see all these groups supporting each other and showing off their culture.”

The main goal of the festival was to raise money for the Nahed Chapman New American Academy. The Academy is a school primarily for immigrants and refugees who haven’t experienced American life before and aims to help them adjust to their new lives. Student council held a donation box for the school, and raised money for the academy.

“We came to introduce Indian food to people,” Sriram Muthu, an organizer for the Indian culture booth said. “Exposing our food to other people is very important”.