FHN Students Share How They Enjoy Video Games


By Jon Fitch, Staffer

According to APS physics, video games were invented in 1958 by a physicist when he made a tennis game similar to Pong. Ever since that day in Oct. of 1958, people have been playing video games.

Many students at Francis Howell North play video games and for many different reasons. Like for enjoyment or just to escape the real world, or after a stressful day of school and homework.

“I play video games to have fun with my friends and it can just be relaxing,” sophomore Derek Ludwig said. 

There are different consoles that students at FHN like to use, such as the PS4, XBox , Nintendo Switch, a PC and many more. 

“I play on PC because you can get more games, you can play things at higher quality and you can do things with it that you can’t do with an XBox or PS4. Like change the motherboard or put better graphic cards in, among many other things,” senior Brian Cannon said. 

There are many different kinds of video games such as first person shooters, platform, creative, role playing, mass multiplayer and those are just a few. With each game type come with many ways to play each of them depending on playstyle. Meaning the games can play out much different than how someone else plays. 

“The genre of games I enjoy the most is creative, but my overall favorite game is Minecraft because it offers so much to do like building whatever you want or going mining for different materials. I really enjoy it because it allows me to express myself in a different way,” said Cannon

One person’s favorite game may not suit another’s taste. However, there are so many options that players can often find a game that really suits their taste. 

“My favorite game would have to be Call of Duty Black Ops 2,” Ludwig said. “I really enjoy that game because in its hay day. I would come home from school and play it for countless hours with friends. When the game came out it was just the best of the best. I still love it.”