Girls’ Cross Country Looks Back on Habits Developed During the Season


By Andrew Tueth

The girls’ cross country team has had a successful season with Chloe Horstman and Allison Vernon moving on to sectionals. They have led a team of 17 girls this year, with 14 runners who have returned from the previous season. Many of the athletes on the team improved throughout the season and developed healthy habits in order to successfully compete against other rival high schools. Alise Simon, an athlete on the team, is no exception.

“I maintain good grades throughout the season because I have a much stricter schedule during cross country season,” said Simon.

Before a meet, the team performs several normal routines.  They did activities together such as receiving race number bibs, putting on spikes, warm up jog and stretching.

“My favorite thing to do before and after I run is cheering on the other races FHN competes in,” said Simon.

The team spirit is what helps to fuel these girls as they race against competitors. During practices and meets, the athletes all cheer for one another and coast alongside the race to motivate the runners to move faster.

“Team spirit makes cross country enjoyable and tolerable, I don’t know what we would do without it,” said Simon.

There are three main workouts every week during practice: distance runs, track workouts and timed runs. Distance runs are focused on form and cardio, slower than race pace, but usually go farther distance coverage. Track workouts tend to be the hardest of the three, and are focused on pushing yourself physically and mentality. Timed runs are the easiest of the three. Those are done a day before a meet and it is a thirty minute jog on your own at FHN.

“The workouts done at practice not only help to prepare the athletes, but also act as a stress reliever from school,” assistant coach Valerie Green said.