How to Stop a Nicotine Addiction


By Ivy Lowrey

Find a reason to stop, and quit vaping completely.

Whether it’s wanting to positively influence your siblings or wanting to avoid health issues, quitting is the right thing for you. Considering how vaping affects your life, school work, and emotions is key to start quitting. Ask a friend if they have seen any changes in your life since you started. Some people who vape also use other drugs. If you or a friend smoke other things, now would be a good time to try to quit those habits too. 

Prepare yourself for quitting and side-effects.

Setting a plan and a date of when to quit sets time in the middle to adjust to the idea of quitting. Be careful to not give too much time to change your mind, but enough to be ready for what’s ahead. Set yourself up to be ready for the stress and health issues that come with quitting. Depending on the severity of the addiction, you may experience withdrawals or cravings. Certain situations may cause the victim of addiction to crave nicotine from the vape or cigarette, even to the point of physical illness. Preparing strategies to help fight the addiction and resist temptations to take another puff are essential to quitting.

Create a safe place to stay vape-free.

Gaining new friends who support your choices and who will help you to resist the urge is the most important thing. Staying around the same friends who continue to choose vaping or smoking will undo all your efforts to quit. Leaving those habits behind also means leaving bad influences behind. Creating a vision in your mind of what you hope to achieve and who you want to be surrounded by will help you become who you want to be, while also staying drug-free.