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Junior Allie Moore Helped to Lead the Girls’ Tennis Team


By Jon Fitch

This year there was one tennis player who stood out from the bunch: Allie Moore. She is a junior who first started playing her freshman year. She was looking for something to do outside of school.

“I thought it would look good for college and for businesses,” Moore said.

Moore’s teammates think highly of her and enjoy her motivation and her passion for tennis.

“She’s a very motivated person,” junior tennis player Iris Lee said. “I guess if she has an idea she has the drive to make it happen.”

Moore wanted to become a better leader to the other members in tennis, so over the summer she learned how to coach younger kids. With the knowledge she learned from coaching them, she went into the season ready to help people.

“I have started giving people on my team advice and helping them out with little things,” said Moore. “But there is only so much you can do when also trying to better yourself but I try to help out where I can.”

One of the pieces of advice Moore had for the team is to practice more during the off season.

“If people practiced more during the off season we could be better than other schools,” Moore said.

Moore helped her teammates with techniques and forms. She also helped newer players improve. She wanted to work on specific ways to move and hold the racket while doing a front hand or backhand.

“She has definitely helped me in tennis whenever I started out,” said Lee. “She helped teach me the techniques and I definitely improved thanks to her.”

Moore is a motivating person, often hosting and setting up group bonding events for the tennis team with Lee.

“Watching her play itself was pretty exciting,” Lee said. “We’d always just watch her play really well and it motivates us to be better.”