Knights Reflect on Finished Football Season With 1-9 Record


By Abby Martinez

FHN’s football team looks back at their season and how they hope to improve it next year. FHN’s varsity football team finished their 1-9 season with a hard-fought loss during playoffs against Battle High School on Nov. 8.

“I would describe this season as a struggle, but I would say there’s beauty within the struggle,” running back AZ Anderson said. “With every loss we had, I gained a valuable lesson to become a better player.”

The team went through many hardships throughout the season, but they always worked together to overcome those. One of the main challenges the team faced were the close-game losses.

“I think the biggest challenge all season was definitely finishing in the later quarters,” lineman Logan Currie said. “That’s where we always came short.”

Along with the challenges the team faced, there were also very special moments the team cherished. The team beat Ft. Zumwalt South for the first time since 2017 on Sept. 13.

“Beating FZS was the biggest moment this season,” Currie said. “It showed us that we can compete.”

As the boys look back on the season, they begin to notice patterns throughout each game: the mentality of each player.

“The biggest improvement was definitely our attitude change,” Anderson said. “Even when we were down losing, it didn’t matter, people still had their heads held up. Last year we’d be down by a certain amount of touchdowns and everybody would be like ‘oh my gosh’ and I think that has to do with leadership.”

Though the season didn’t end the way the players or coaches hoped it would, they still took away the importance of being a team and to play like they know how to. The team has found a way to find the importance in each game of the season, whether it ends in a win or a loss.

“I wouldn’t do-over any games because I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason,” Anderson said. “Even the ones we lost by one or two points, because it built me into the person I am.”