Dr. Larry Green Joins the FHN Staff


By Emma Rohrbach


After 15 years of teaching, Dr. Larry Green has come to Francis Howell High School. Throughout those 15 years he has taught in multiple districts, and has taught K-12 and higher education. In addition to his position teaching personal finance, web design and multimedia at FHN, he is also an adjunct professor of education at Harris-Stowe State University. He is also an assistant coach for Varsity Boys Basketball and eventually wants to co-sponsor clubs like FBLA and DECA. 

Dr. Green chose to become a teacher because “it”s one of those professions where you can actually see change in student’s lives.” He not only enjoys teaching, but also places emphasis on connecting with students. Upon first meeting Dr. Green, one is struck by a calm and welcoming energy that he brings into his teaching as well as general interaction. He describes his teaching style as innovative and conversational, explaining that he talks with his students so he can learn about their interests and use those to teach lessons that students will be engaged in.

“I’m pretty much practicing my craft each and every day on a daily basis of ‘how can I be a better teacher’,” Green says. 

The conversational method of teaching also helps Dr. Green with his most important goal – supporting his students. He does this by bringing his experience, and using it to help his students reach their own personal goals.

“Let me show you how to get this particular career that you want to get into, what can I do to help you get to your career and your choices you want to make out of life. So I’m pretty much like a big support. Whatever I need, I can do, to motivate those students, that’s my key goal,” Green says.

This support also goes beyond strictly career related topics. Dr. Green wants students to know he is “just a fun, loving, energetic person that’s here to support students in any kind of way, just kind of be the outlet for them so that they have someone who’s gonna motivate them the right way towards whatever those dream goals, careers may be.”