Lead Up to Rise of Skywalker Generates Mixed Feelings Among Fans


(Photo by Pixabay.com)

By Minnie Adams

The year is 1977. The theaters are packed like cans of sardines. Audiences erupt with pure joy, excitement and wonder. The world gathers to watch the birth of an era.

It has been 42 years since the very first Star Wars movie. The beginning of a franchise so beloved and powerful it has managed to remain relevant for almost half a century. Fans of the movies are some of the most diligent and loyal in the galaxy. But their patience with the series is running thin, and it’s evident that “A New Hope” may not be possible for this series.

“Am I excited? Yes. Am I optimistic? No,” said junior William Pundmann concerning Disney’s newest endeavor. “No Star Wars movie this century has been good.”

Pundmann has been a Star Wars fan since he was six years old, when he accidentally got a movie from the library.

Pundmann mentions that the series kills off the wrong characters.

“I wish [The Last Jedi] didn’t exist; there were too many plot holes,” Pundmann said.

Though Pundmann dislikes the more recent movies, he still showers them with an unwavering affirmation.

“Yes, it’s the best movie franchise,” Pundmann said. “No other movies compare.”

21st century Star Wars movies may have gone in directions many despise, albeit this, a fan cannot deny that it draws them to the theater.

‘“A New Hope’ is my favorite…I think the newer ones rely more on the nostalgia of the originals,” said art teacher Courtney Flamm. “I don’t think [continuing] was necessary [but] I think it’s good kids get to experience it.”

Despite the story failure Pundmann feels it has suffered from and the uselessness Flamm feels, seeing Star Wars is an event. The packing of those who love it from one theater wall to the other, everyone who’s followed the story for years and years erupting with ecstasy. Despite all the hate, when asked if they love Star Wars, a fan will still say, unflinchingly, yes.