Kyle Foster and His Family Own Two Horses

By Linsey Zerbonia, Yearbook staffer

At the end of the 2019 school year, Senior Kyle Foster and his family made the decision to buy two horses; Woody and Scooter. His mom, Julie Watson has wanted to own horses for a long time. 

“I have loved horses since I was about three years old, and have had them before when I was little as well.” Watson said. 

They keep the horses in a big red barn in the backyard of their property. Unlike normal pets, horses require more attention and care. It may be a challenge that some people are not up for. 

“My mom lets them out, feeds and brushes them every morning before work and does the same after she gets home.” Foster said. “On weekends we love to go out and ride them with family and friends.” 

The Foster household also has two dogs, a blonde lab named Cooper and a black lab named Carmen and a cat named Pele. They all like to interact with the horses. 

“Our two dogs run around with the horses but are still actually scared of them,” Foster said. 

Taking care of the horses compared to dogs can have major differences, but also can be similar. 

“The horses are a lot larger, eat more, drink more and they need hay changed out in their stalls pretty often,” Foster said. “They still need love and affection like any other pet would.” 

Foster’s mothers’ love for their horses grew by spending time with them everyday and caring for them.

“My two horses are enough, I really am not looking to have anymore horses,” Watson said. “They will be around for me to grow old with.”