Registration Is Open for the Upcoming 20-21 School Year


Credit to Kali Martin

Mrs. Woodrum speaks to students individually about classes for next year. Each guidance counselor asks students to fill out their choice of classes for the upcoming year. Registration for 2020-21 starts in January and counselors will be meeting with students until early February. (Photo by Kaili Martin).

By Maya Helbig, North Star Reporter

The Campus Portal will open up allowing students to go and register for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year on Jan. 14-23.

Registration only takes place at this time of the year due to possible job hirings for new teachers. Having registration now helps the district find the best candidates for the job before other schools do.

Students prepared by watching department videos, getting a  grade level grid and a link  to the enrollment guide unless they requested a hard copy. Students had about a week to plan, and then the Portal opened up yesterday, Jan. 14.

“The Portal opens [from] the 14 to the 23, [and students are] going to register, they’re going to choose their classes and then counselors are going to take a look at their requests,” Guidance Counselor Lisa Woodrum said.

After registration ends student’s schedules are created. After the schedule is created some just don’t work, meaning that percentage of schedules have too many or too few classes.

“Most of the time about 30% of students’ schedules don’t fill,” Woodrum said. “And so then counselors call students up and ask them to choose a different course or suggest a different course.”

A new class will be introduced next school year, Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace Engineering and it’s information can be found in the enrollment booklet that contains all classes you can take that was given out on the first day back, or online on the campus portal.

“It [Aerospace Engineering] allows us as a school to be more connected with the needs of the industry,” teacher Michael Green says. “It gives the students a different perspective and lets them have an exposure to aerospace.”

Aerospace Engineering will allow students to experience design, use tools and software and use professional skills such as team collaboration, presenting skills, problem solving and more.

“We get to make gliders. We get to learn the different principles of flight,” Green said. “It’s about anything that could possibly be involved with flying.”