FHSD Board of Education Hosts Meeting with Brownies


Credit to Addy Bradbury

A hand reaches for a plate of brownies. The Board of Education will host an event called Brownies with the Board. The event will be held at the FHSD Admin building on Jan. 23. (Photo by Addy Bradbury)

By Aadhi Satishkumar, North Star Reporter

On Jan. 23, the FHSD school board will be hosting a public event where students, staff and parents can ask questions, give suggestions and talk to the board.

“It’s an opportunity for people to speak casually with the board without it being a formal board meeting,” Michelle Walker, director of the board, said. “There is really no one [person] speaking to everyone.”

Attendees of Brownies with the Board can talk to board members individually and in an informal setting. This is unlike a board meeting, where people  ask questions formally to a panel of board members.

“We’ve done [Brownies with Board] a few times before,” Chad Lange, vice president of the board said. “Board members show up and we walk around the room, where anyone can talk to us informally.”

The event will last from 5:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. and will be held at the FHSD admin building. Refreshments, such as brownies and soft drinks, will be served. The board and the superintendent of the district will be in attendance.                         

Previously, when this event was held a few times last year,  attendance at the event was high.

“We want people to come,” Walker said. “We want to talk to them. We’ll be working on a bond issue. I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on that.”

Parents and students can find out more by contacting the board members. Contact information for every board member can be found on the FHSD website, or by talking to them during board meetings, dates of which can also be found on the FHSD website.

“I think [Brownies with the Board] will help the Francis Howell community,” Lange said. “Any opportunity for people to speak their mind without retaliation is a way for people to break barriers.”