The Beginning of Spring Sports


By Avery Witherbee, Photographer

Although it may seem like winter sports just got into the swing of things, spring sports are not far behind. Girls lacrosse, girls soccer, track and field are a few of the sports that will be played this spring with tryouts in March. Many athletes participating in these sports have already taken it upon themselves to begin preparing.

“We try as many times as we can [to get together and run], but try to every day,” sophomore Rana Shaker said. Shaker is a part of cross country in the fall and runs long distance for track and field. “[We do this so] we don’t get hit hard when training starts up again.”

Track and field is not the only sport getting ready for the upcoming season. Girls soccer recently started up practices and kickarounds after school to get touches on the ball before tryouts. Besides those, soccer players were advised to begin their own training and conditioning at home. 

Girls lacrosse is also preparing for their approaching season. Players work two days a week with the athletic trainer, Jackee Hill, and every Sunday morning for an hour, weather permitting. Having lost many seniors from last year, current seniors of the team have taken it upon themselves to start up practices for the team in order to get new girls ready. 

“We only have two coaches, so it’s difficult for them to teach everyone each and every thing,” Senior Heaven-Lee Nichols said. ” We help to improve and teach those girls striving to make varsity, [as it] takes a lot to replace [all the graduated seniors from last year]. It’s my way of giving back to the coaches to make their jobs a little easier.”

These spring sports, along with all the other seasonal sports, are great ways to get in exercise and have a break from all the pressures of life and school. They are also just a nice way to spend time with friends and represent the school in a positive fashion. 

“It’s like a family and community,” Nichols said. “I like how it brings everyone together and brings people a drive and passion for the sport.”