FHN Hockey Team Finishes Out Their Season


By Abigail Akers

This season, the Knights hockey team started their season on top. On Oct. 21, the Knights played Holt High and beat them 4-2, with sophomore Aiden Stowers and senior Blaine Longmore each scoring one goal and sophomore Brandon Emert scoring two.

“Scoring goals is exciting and rewarding,” said Emert. “It gets you pumped up and motivated to score more.”

They weren’t as fortunate in their second game and lost to FHH 0-13. Coming off a tough loss, FHN faced FZS and Lutheran HS South and won both games.

“It takes a lot of practice,” sophomore player Matthew Wells said. “You have to be patient, it will come to you.”

Unfortunately, FHN then lost five games in a row. They found a way to come back and tied their next game against Eureka. Coming off a tie, FHN battled St. Mary’s and beat them 13-0.

“We won more games this year,” Wells said. “I want to see us expand and do better next year.”

On Dec. 7, the Knights started an unfortunate losing streak. They lost the rest of their December games and their first January game. The losing streak ended when FHN beat Holt on Jan. 4.

“We would like to improve team communication and puck movement throughout next season,” Emert said.

The Knights went on to compete against John Burroughs, FHC and Duchesne. The Knights lost against John Burroughs with Stowers scoring the only goal and John Burroughs scoring eight. Their next game, junior Aaron Caldwell scored one goal and Emeret scored two, but unfortunately the Knights lost against FHC 5-3. On Jan. 17, the Knights played Duchesne where Caldwell scored one goal and Wells scored two but lost 6-3. For many of the members of the team, scoring a goal is an event that comes with excitement and a sense of victory.

“I am always super happy and excited after scoring goals,” Wells said.

With the Knights six wins, 18 losses and two ties, they headed into their last game. On Jan. 24 the Knights battled FZW. In one of their last games of the season, they won the game three to one. Caldwell scored the first goal for the Knights. Shortly after Emert scored the game winner. Stowers went on to seal the win by scoring an empty netter. While the team lost their last two games, the team is optimistic and is really looking foward to the next season.

“We are all very close, you know,” Emert said. “We consider each and every one of us like brothers and sisters.”