Sophomores and Juniors are Inducted into National Honor Society

Sophomores and Juniors are Inducted into National Honor Society

By Avery Witherbee, Staff Reporter

On Feb. 19, crowds of parents, grandparents, and other relatives filed into the large gym, getting ready for their child’s induction into National Honor Society, known to many as NHS. At the beginning of January, sophomores around the FHN building were given a letter stating that they had qualified to be a part of NHS with a 3.75 GPA or higher. Students then had to fill out an application as to why they would like to be a part of NHS, granting them acceptance into the club.

“I wanted to be a part of NHS because I want to make a difference in the community both at home and at school,” sophomore Gavin Schroeder said.

Over 100 sophomores were accepted into NHS and five juniors were accepted, as well. During homeroom on the day of the induction, those who were to be inducted headed to the large gym for an overview of what the ceremony would be like. That night, the sophomores and juniors arrived an hour early to allow time to get into alphabetical order and be handed alternating blue and yellow candles, representing the colors of NHS.

“I don’t know if I personally liked the candles,” sophomore Rylie Miller said. “But I think they were necessary in creating the sense of ceremony and tradition.”

As sophomores and juniors walked into the large gym, parents proudly smiled at their soon-to-be inducted child. The ceremony started with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by senior Grace Sickendick. Opening remarks were then given by principal Nathan Hostetler, and following was a history of NHS recited by senior Joanna Dohrman. The induction of the sophomores and juniors was finally ready to commence.

“I wasn’t nervous [about being inducted],” Schroder said. “I was prepared to say my life motto in front of everyone and felt kind of excited.”

Sophomores and juniors were asked to prepare a life motto ahead of the ceremony to be read aloud to the parents and fellow inductees. The mottos covered a wide range of topics from cherishing family to perseverance. One memorable motto was made by sophomore Joey Key which was, “Just keep trucking.”

“My life motto was, ‘Grab life by the throat and shake it for all it’s worth,’” Miller said. “My grandpa says it a lot, so if I was going to make one person happy, I’m glad it was him.”

Following the induction of the new members of NHS, the passing of officer positions from current seniors onto the current juniors who will be taking over leading NHS next year. Closing remarks were made by Hostetler. The night ended with cake and a variety of sodas offered as refreshments.

“[The most memorable part of the night for me was] getting to see all my friends in the picture together of the new inductees,” Schroeder said. “It was nice seeing those who I don’t normally get to see during the school day and other activities.”