Soulard Hosts Local Mardi Gras Parade


Credit to Alayna Furch

A Mardi Gras mask lays within a pile of beads in preparation for a parade. The neighborhood of Soulard will host this year’s Mardi Gras parade on Feb. 22. The theme for the event will be “The Blues.”

By DaNyla Creacy, North Star Reporter

St. Louis Busch Stadium is hosting its annual Mardi Gras parade,  starting at 11 a.m. on Feb. 22 and going until 12 a.m. Feb. 23. The parade travels from Busch Stadium all the way to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

“During the parade you get to see a lot of different floats and people dressed up,”  St. Charles resident Latisha Moore said. “There is a lot of fun stuff to see.”

The Mardi Gras parade in St. Louis is free for all ages to attend. It allows attendees to experience something they won’t be able to experience at a regular parade or social event.

“Being around other people laughing and having fun makes it easier and to laugh and have fun myself,’’ senior Savanna Leahr said. “It’s so much fun getting beads and sometimes getting scared.”

The streets are full of different types of performers all in costumes representing their decorative floats.

“I’ve been going for 11 years and each time I went they had different floats and people in costumes,” Moore said. “It’s unbelievable and I would definitely recommend people to go.”