FHN Knightline Places Second at New National Competition

Knightline gets second place at new nationals competition after overcoming injury this season.


By Abby Akers, FHNToday Reporter

This year, FNH’s dance team, Knightline, decided to attend a new nationals. They made this decision because they wanted a new experience and an unbiased competition. They attended Dance Team Union nationals. 

“We feel [our previous nationals] was very biased and we feel that we could do better at DTU because they treat everyone equal,” Senior Isabel Bira said. “We really just needed a change.”

Last year, the team didn’t make it into the semi-finals.

“We can’t say why we didn’t make it [into the finals],” Bira said. “It really depends on the judging but we felt we could have done better.”

This year, nationals started on Feb. 20 and continued throughout the week into the weekend. They performed their hip-hop and jazz dances. The team placed second in both categories. 

“[We were] honestly excited,” Martinez said. “This is the highest any Knightline team has placed at a national championship. At the same time, we were upset we couldn’t grab that first place win, but nonetheless excited. We are still feeling great and accomplished.”

 The competition became one that many of the team members liked. 

“It was a better fit for us,” senior Emma Quinn said.

Knightline has had a very successful season this far. They have had to overcome many injuries and sickness throughout the season.

They would also consider themselves a very close group. The junior varsity and varsity teams began wearing purple ribbons after varsity member Sarah Stover was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. Chiari Malformation is a brain condition where tissue pushes onto the spinal cord.

“Our bond as a team is absolutely great,” sophomore Abby Martinez said. “Obviously everyone has their differences but we overcome them to push for what we want.” 

This year, the team made FHN Knightline history by becoming the first “legacy team”. That means that everyone on the team was on last year’s team. 

“We didn’t add anyone,” Martinez said. “It’s truly been like a family because we’ve been together for two years. We all know what to do for each other and how to do it.”