Sophomore Sophie Stachula to be in a Musical at SCC


Credit to Phoebe Primeau

By Julia Sampolska

Sophie Stachula was a fourth-grade student when she saw “Teen Beach Movie” for the first time. She was amazed with the magical world where people sang and danced all the time.

“I wanted to be that cool biker from the 50s and sing all day long, just like in the movie,” Stachula said.

She had her first musical experience in sixth grade, where she played the bride of Frankenstein in Monster Hotel. Today, Stachula is a sophomore at FHN, and beyond being a student she is also part of an upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast, produced by Saint Charles Community (SCC) Young People’s Theatre.

During auditions, Stachula had to learn some dance moves and present them in front of the judges. She also had to sing a piece of a song.

“A friend told me to try it out and sent me all the information,” Stachula said. “I was already signing up before I could change my mind.”

As it turned out, her audition went well and Stachula was cast into an ensemble, where she dances and sings. She is also going to be one of the dishes in the Beast’s castle.

Even though Stachula doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with her future career, she knows how important theater is in her life.

“I don’t think I could ever be on Broadway, because I’m not the best dancer,” Stachula said. “I hope I can do theater in college. I can envision myself being a voice coach. There’s so many emotions that can be evoked through song and I learn a ton about that through theater.”