Shellby Murray Practices For Colorguard to Pass the Quarantine

By Jon Fitch, FHNToday Reporter


As the global pandemic continues many things have been cancelled, including schools and afterschool activities causing boredom and stress. Shelby Murry, a  junior at Francis Howell North, has been treating her boredom with one of her favorite activities: Colorguard. 


“The pandemic has cut the season short and made it likely for me not to have a full season of fall for my senior year” said Murray.


Since school has been canceled and the Winterguard along with it, she has been spinning a lot more in her free time, usually two to three times a week, either in her backyard or in the street, working on skills that the coaches teach to improve technique. 


“I usually spin rifle and try to do new skills and better my already known skills,” said Murray.


Everyone finds ways of coping with stress and boredom to distract themselves amongst these troubling times, and Murray’s just happens to be the Colorguard. 


“Practicing helps distract me from the real world and get time to pass faster” said Murray.