FHN Students Gained New Hobbies and Attitudes During Quarantine


By Ryan Ginn

Throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, students found themselves with a lot of free time. After months of being isolated inside homes with nothing else to do, many people emerged with a new hobby or a different set of skills. Making bracelets and art or even devoting themselves to self-care, quarantine was prime time to find a new hobby. In an effort to keep themselves busy, some people at FHN have emerged from quarantine with a whole new pastime and outlook on their lives. 

“I’ve started working more on myself during quarantine,” senior Jenna Weber said. “It has allowed me to start finding where I want to go and who I am.”

Some people looked to TikTok for inspiration on what to do during quarantine. The app contained plenty of ideas for DIY projects or at-home activities. Junior Maya Helbig has begun making friendship bracelets for her and her friends inspired by the TikToks she saw.

“I saw a TikTok of people making bracelets out of embroidery thread and I thought ‘Hey I have a lot of thread, I should try that,’” Helbig said. 

Although many people came out of quarantine with new hobbies, some just came out with a calmer and healthier attitude. Some students valued their newfound time and decided to focus on themselves rather than worry about what was going on in the world. One of those people was senior Damon White.

“Before quarantine, I never gave time for myself and this gave me a chance to realize that I need more me-time,” White said. “Everyone deserves to have at least a time alone to relax and be by themselves.”

It can be a hard transition back to the full routine of school, but students hope these new hobbies and relaxed attitudes will carry into the academic year.

“It’s good knowing what you want and having plans on how to get it just by simple task or doing the things you love,” Weber said.