Sophomore Aidan Neu Has Been Contact Traced Two Times (Q&A)

Aidan Neu deals with being contact traced for a second time.


By Alexander Thomas

This year has been a lot different than past school years at north. A common concern at FHN is the chance that the COVID-19 virus will spread. To combat this risk, many students are being sent home if they have been around someone who has tested positive for a prolonged amount of time. Students will stay home for two weeks to make sure that they don’t come back to school with the virus. Aiden Neu is a sophomore at FHN who has been contact traced multiple times this school year. 

What do you do when you get contact traced?

“When I got sent home I just did any work that I had due on Canvas, Slept, and played video games.”

How did you feel when you got contact traced? 

“I was kind of mad but then again, I can’t really do anything about it.”

How do you do your school work when you’re at home?

“I just log onto Canvas at around nine o’clock and blast through whatever I have due for that day.”

What did you have to do differently when you came back to school the first time?

“I had to do a test that I missed when I was gone and I also had to make up a lot of work.”

What do you dislike/like about contact tracing?

“The thing I like about being contact traced is that I get to sleep in,” “I don’t like that I can’t really do anything or go anywhere.”

How do you feel about having to stay home for two weeks?

“I’m fine with staying home for two weeks but I think you should be able to come back to school if you have tested negative.”

How has being contact traced affected your opinion about COVID-19?

“I think contact tracing definitely helps stop the spread of the virus around the school.”