Students Stand Up for the Black Lives Matter Movement Through Clothing


Credit to Kaili Martin

St. Charles residents protest on Main Street St. Charles over the summer, calling for justice for the death of George Floyd and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

By Allie Moore

Some FHN students wear clothing and accessories that show their support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) cause. The cause is something they’re passionate about, and they express this passion through their clothing. Wearing BLM clothing and merchandise is just one of the many ways that these students choose to advocate for the racial justice movement. When asked what items they had and what the cause meant to them personally, this is how they answered.

“I have a BLM mask. I wear it to support the protests because I can’t go. [The movement] is very similar to pride parades for me; it stands for equality in all people whether they think differently, act differently or look different. We all bleed the same blood.”

– Taylor Stief

“I own BLM shirts, earrings, and sweatshirts. I wear Black Lives Matter clothing because I want change and the movement means a lot to me. Black Lives Matter to me means equality for all people including black people. It doesn’t just mean only black people matter, I think it represents that black people want change.”

– Melena Hammond

“I have an anti racist social club hoodie and a justice for Breonna Taylor mask. I wear them because I think everyone needs a reminder of the BLM movement everyday. BLM means that black people get equal rights and opportunities to everyone else. It means that they shouldn’t be discriminated against.”

– Brynn Steffens

“I only have a BLM mask right now but hopefully more soon. I wear it because BLM is important to me and if we are going to wear masks almost all the time why not wear one with an important message on it. BLM for me means the fight for racial equality and that black lives matter just as much as white lives do. I mean, it’s just the fight for change.”

– Morgan Chairs