Senior Lariah Martin Receives $30,000 in Scholarships from University of Northern Iowa


Credit to Photo Submitted by Lanayjah Martin

Lariah Martin poses with her scholarship letters from the University of Northern Iowa.

By Hugh Kibera

Life after high school can be scary. Not scary because it’s over, but more so how it’s opening a whole new door to an unknown world. Senior Lariah Martin is well aware of the future and life after high school, and she has the achievements to prove it. On Oct. 23, she received $30,000 in scholarships from the University of Northern Iowa.

“I was extremely taken aback, because I hadn’t applied for the scholarship, but way happier because I’m grateful I had the opportunity to receive it,” Lariah said.

Lariah received two scholarships: one $10,000 scholarship and another $20,000 scholarship, both for academics.

“I received a ‘UNI’ award that basically rewarded me for my academic record but also awarded me this scholarship due to their virtues on unifying students with diversity,” Lariah said.

Planning on majoring in interior design, Lariah was caught off-guard with the scholarships. Although she had kept the university as one of her choices, she never expected them to recognize her achievements on their own without a sort of submission that had to be turned in.

“It’s funny cause I was having a bad day that day, came home and at first when I saw the letter I thought they were sending me more information about the school and whatnot,” Lariah said. “I was really shocked when I opened it because it took me by surprise.”

Achievements like these are extremely important and rare to come by, especially when Lariah is the first member in her family to go to college. Although the University of Northern Iowa is a well-rounded university, Lariah is still keeping her options open, as she has applied for a scholarship to University of Kentucky as well.

“I decided to keep my options open because even though this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and most people, I’d still like to see if I could possibly have choices to choose from,” Lariah said.

Lariah’s family were more than ecstatic to hear the news. Specifically her sister, middle schooler Lanayjah Martin. Seeing her sister going on to do these incredible things truly has made Lanayjah so proud of her sister.

“I felt so proud of her because she has been talking about going to college for the longest time and seeing that all happen right in front of me made me really happy,” Lanayjah said.