Drama Club Performs Fall Play Live and Virtually


Credit to Screenshot

Flyer for FHN’s fall play “The Internet is Distracting- Oh Look a Kitten!”

By Ashlynn Perez, Sam Watkins and Chloe Ellison

The drama club began performances of their fall play, “The Internet is Distracting- Oh Look, a Kitten!” on Dec. 3. This new production offers a fun look at the Internet and how it affects students. The show allows live audiences to attend Dec. 3-5, but for the first time due to COVID-19 restrictions, audiences can also attend on-demand for a virtual showing Dec. 6-8 here.

“The performance is very unique and very up to the times,” freshman crew member Anna Clarke said. “I think it’s good at teaching the parents and the younger kids that watch it how social media can really affect your life.”

The play, written by Ian McWethy, revolves around a girl named Micah struggling to finish her paper due in 45 minutes. While trying to finish it, she encounters the many distractions the Internet has to offer and struggles to overcome these distractions for the benefit of her grade.

“The play’s about the Internet being distracting,” Clarke said. “Click ads keep popping up and when she clicks them, they pop up in real life too.”

COVID-19 has caused the drama club to get creative with both their virtual performance and their practices. They’ve practiced with masks and socially distanced to the best of their ability. 

“We rehearse with masks on and we can’t do certain plays because we are too close,” freshman cast member Addison Orzel said. “This play is good because it uses platforms that are far away from each other.”

Tickets are $5 and can be reserved online. 

“I like how hard we worked and how we came together as a family,” Orzel said.