Senior Lorin Van-Thomas Hides Pickle in Christmas Tree as Family Tradition


By Jordyn Sgroi

Senior Lorin Van-Thomas celebrates Christmas day by hiding a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree. This is a yearly tradition for Van-Thomas and her family.  On Christmas day, the adults in the family hide the pickle in the tree and then the kids have to try to find it. Whichever kids finds the pickle first gets a prize.

The whole tradition is followed by a lunch that Van-Thomas’ grandmother makes.

“I enjoy doing this tradition because my grandma likes it and thought it was really cute,” Van-Thomas said. “It’s nice to do something that we all enjoy as a family.”

 Having traditions during Christmas time makes the holidays even more special, especially when being able to spend time with family. This tradition between Van-Thomas’ family and her started five years ago when her grandma had gifted her family the pickle while her grandma was visiting them in North Carolina. Van-Thomas’ grandma has stage four breast cancer so spending the holidays together is extra special when it comes to this tradition since Van-Thomas’ grandma had started it. Having a tradition with a family member can be special and heartwarming. 

“Anything she likes and memories that we can make together is just more special to us,” said Van-Thomas.

Christmas is all about celebrating with family and having those small little things every year, gives them something to look forward to and have a little excitement leading up to the holidays. Like putting the pickle in the tree, there are a lot of fun, silly, and nice Christmas traditions. Traditions are done all over the world, not even just for the holidays. Having one that is special to families as a whole makes the holidays more memorable. 

“This tradition to us is fun and kind of funny to do, because come on: it’s a pickle in a tree,” Van-Thomas said. “It gives us something to look forward to and I’m a beast at it.”