Junior Ash Swift Expresses Themselves Through Art

By Morgan Chairs

Art is junior Ash Swifts’s main way of expressing themself. It has been one of their talents since they were very young. Swift has achieved many things due to their passion for art, and hopes to achieve more. One of those future achievements is becoming a tattoo artist.

“I think it just came naturally to me, as both of my parents were artists,” Swift said. “So, I just started drawing. And it’s a great way for me to do all kinds of ideas I have, so it just always stuck.”

Swift’s inspiration for their art comes from different artists to even cartoon characters. However, their main source of inspiration is in fact themself.

“I think [their] inspiration comes from personal interests,” Swift’s former art teacher Courtney Flamm said. “A lot of times, just how [they’re] feeling because sometimes [their] artwork can be kind of dark and then sometimes it’s like, in your face and colorful.”

There are many reasons why Swift loves art so much. They feel that art can help someone express and find themselves, not to mention most people can relate to and enjoy art. Overall, Swift’s favorite part about art is how universal it is.

“My favorite part about art is that no matter what you do, or who you are, or whatever background you come from, you can just make anything, and it’s something that people can take inspiration from. It’s kind of a melting pot of all kinds of different ideas and different styles. And it’s something that everyone can appreciate,” Swift said.

Drawing has been Swift’s talent and something they’ve been very passionate about. They believes they would have a very good future in pursuing art as a profession. Actually, Swift intends to pursue the artistic career of being a tattoo artist.

“I want to be a tattoo artist because I love self expression, and I think people think it’s a great way to help other people express themselves through just whatever kind of art they want to put on their body for everyone to see,” Swift said. “I could help someone be able to be more open about themselves and express themselves to the world without any kind of shame and be confident in themselves.”