FHN March Madness Bracket Contest


Welcome to FHNToday’s first March Madness Bracket Contest. March Madness is a nation wide, college basketball tournament with the nations top 64 teams. The bracket challenge is a fun competition to see who can guess most accurately, who will win which games, and who will win overall. Contestants fill out a bracket on who you think will win every game and the person who has the most correct collects wins. All students are eligible to enter. Instructions and prizes are listed down below. Good luck!


Your choice of a gift card. 1st place wins a $50 gift card to wherever they want, 2nd place earns a $30 gift card and 3rd place gets a $20 gift card.

How to Compete:

The Bracket Challenge is taking place on ESPN. You can either download the app or play through the website.


How to join through the website: 

You can join through the website by heading over to Fantasy home on the top right corner, clicking on Men’s Basketball Tournament challenge.



Click on Groups to find a group to join. Here’s the link: https://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2021/en/groupfind

From there, you can click create/join group, search “FHN Bracket Challenge 340368” in the search bar under “Join Group”



From there, you can create and submit a bracket entry (one per person).

How to join through the app: 

On the app, you can enter the group by hitting the trophy icon in the top right of the app’s home page.

Then, you click on “Men’s Tournament Challenge” which will take you to the main fantasy home page. From there, scroll down to join a group, then scroll down to search groups, type in “FHN Bracket Challenge 340368”. Then you hit create a bracket, fill it out, and submit it into the group.


Friendly reminder, brackets cannot be filled out until Sunday March 14.

Brackets are only counted when submitted before round of 64 on March 18.  Your bracket must include your first and last name and grade level or it will not be chosen as a winner. 

Final winners will be announced Tuesday, April 6th. Check in to see who’s leading and what the brackets are each week by following our socials. Results will be posted each week on our socials, so make sure to follow @fhntoday on Instagram and/or Twitter.