Friday Face-Off: Pancakes vs Waffles

Published: March 19, 2021

The question has long been debated: waffles or pancakes? We both feel strongly about this query and are out to settle it once and for all.



No breakfast is complete without a side of good old fashioned buttermilk pancakes. Nothing hits the spot like little golden discs covered in butter and maple syrup. The classic breakfast item, flapjacks are good for any occasion. 

Pancakes are better than waffles because they are more personal. They must be made by hand in a pan, not in a little mass-produced iron. Waffles simply have no soul. More love and skill goes into making a pancake. Being a pancake enjoyer is a sign of having a higher level of competence when it comes to cooking. 

It’s the food of true individuals, because you rarely make the same pancake twice. With waffles, you are confined to one shape, making them lose all sense of individuality. Pancakes are also easily stackable, making eating efficiency optimal. You can’t deny that pancakes are the epitome of breakfast foods. 

“Why would you have something that’s supposed to be buttery, nice, sweet, and soft, and then make it crunchy and trash?” said senior Cameron Steinbrugge.


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If you want the best breakfast you can have there should be a waffle on your plate. Waffles are the perfect dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A sweet dish can be made of waffle cones with ice cream, a savory dish can be made of chicken and waffles. Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, waffles actually have texture compared to pancakes. Why would you want a soggy pancake when you could have a deliciously textured waffle. 

How hard is it to mess up a waffle? Practically impossible. One bad flip and your little pancake is messed up, and your meal is ruined. Pancakes are one of the most basic breakfast foods out there. 

If you want to spice up your meal then waffles are the clear choice for you. As a waffle connoisseur there is no greater joy in life then waking up and eating the best breakfast food ever: a waffle.

“The crunch of a waffle is so nice, pancakes have such a weird texture,” said sophomore Cameron Chapple.


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