Senior Sydney Giacomarra Works to Become a Teacher


Credit to Sam Watkins

By DaNyla Creacy

As the end of the school year is arriving, juniors and seniors have to start preparing for the next step in their lives: to go to college or jump straight into the workforce. A few are still unsure but others are aware of what they are going to do. One of those students, FHN senior Sydney Giacomarra is aiming to become a history teacher.    

“History has been something I’m really passionate for and something I’ve been good at,” Giacomarra said. “Teaching has also been something I’ve always wanted to do because my mother is a teacher and she has really had an influence on me.” 

In pursuit of her goal, Giacomarra joined the Pathways to Teaching Career Class, it has allowed her to intern as a teaching assistant during the second semester. She was able to become the teaching assistant for Daniel Lamb, a history teacher at FHN.

“I’ve given her tasks to help around the classroom,” Lamb said. “Things like passing out papers or helping the students one on one.”

Teachers have difficulties like making sure students are getting the correct information or giving them a good learning atmosphere. Nonetheless, Giacomarra stuck by her choice and decided to become a teacher.

“I will get to discuss a subject that I enjoyed learning about and I want to let other students enjoy it as much as I do,” Giacomarra said.