By Chloe Ellison

Pyramids that were built by 2.3 million stones that all weigh 2.5 tons each, that sounds difficult. Maybe not so difficult for extraterrestrial beings! All those years ago in 2550 B.C. aliens mosied on down to Earth and decided to build some nice-looking pyramids. 

The pyramids have survived centuries still standing and are still practically perfect in their shape. Not to mention that The Great Pyramid of Giza faces true north with a variance of only 3/60th of a degree, a feat the not even the Royal Observatory in London has pulled off. Who better to construct a pyramid that lines up almost perfectly with an advanced astronomical point than aliens? 

Even at this point in time, scientists and archaeologists say it would be very difficult to build such a pyramid even with modern technology. If so-called time travelers built the pyramids, they would have to be from so far into the future. Why would they even want to go and build pyramids in ancient Egypt? As for aliens, they definitely could exist, they came to Earth and built something like they had on their planet and then left. They probably just didn’t enjoy it here, just like everyone else.

“Aliens for sure, there is no proof of time travel in todays day in age, but there is at least some proof of living organisms outside of our own atmosphere,” said senior Grace Harding.