Friday Face-Off: Who Built The Pyramids!?

Published: April 16, 2021

How were the pyramids of ancient Egypt built? By people and ancient technology: definitely not! Today we will be debating the actual way they were built. Aliens or time travel?



Pyramids that were built by 2.3 million stones that all weigh 2.5 tons each, that sounds difficult. Maybe not so difficult for extraterrestrial beings! All those years ago in 2550 B.C. aliens mosied on down to Earth and decided to build some nice-looking pyramids. 

The pyramids have survived centuries still standing and are still practically perfect in their shape. Not to mention that The Great Pyramid of Giza faces true north with a variance of only 3/60th of a degree, a feat the not even the Royal Observatory in London has pulled off. Who better to construct a pyramid that lines up almost perfectly with an advanced astronomical point than aliens? 

Even at this point in time, scientists and archaeologists say it would be very difficult to build such a pyramid even with modern technology. If so-called time travelers built the pyramids, they would have to be from so far into the future. Why would they even want to go and build pyramids in ancient Egypt? As for aliens, they definitely could exist, they came to Earth and built something like they had on their planet and then left. They probably just didn’t enjoy it here, just like everyone else.

“Aliens for sure, there is no proof of time travel in todays day in age, but there is at least some proof of living organisms outside of our own atmosphere,” said senior Grace Harding.


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Time Travelers!

It is not hard to fathom that extraterrestrial life does exist; however, I find it unlikely that intelligent alien life exists. Plus, if those aliens are so smart, why would they want to interact with such a primitive species as humans in ancient times? Humans are more likely to want to interact with the past, because we want to know how we began. That’s why I think future humans are the more likely candidates for pyramid construction.

With the way we are advancing technologically, I think that it is not too far fetched that we might invent time travel in the near future. With the invention of high tech gadgets, like the air fryer, we are only baby steps away from unlocking the secret to going back in time. And when we have the ability to go back in time, who’s to say we won’t also have the means to build structures as precisely placed as the pyramids?

Now that you know how, the question you may be asking yourself is “why?” The answer is more simple than you might think: because we wanted to. Humans are impulsive creatures who often do things “just because”. That’s just human nature. Human nature is unavoidable. As long as we are physically able to do something, someone is going to want to do it.

“In the future, I have a feeling that people are going to be able to time travel,” sophomore McKenna O’Connor said. “I feel like aliens would not want to come down to Earth, because if they’re advanced enough to travel to our planet, there is no reason to see how stupid we are.”


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