JV Baseball Creates a New Training Schedule Due to the Rain


By Chase Pray

Coaches see players come and go all the time. FHN’s JV baseball coach and hall monitor Jesse Stewart is no exception. Within his nine years of coaching he’s seen many kids come and go. Due to spring rapidly approaching, the 2021 baseball season, as well as a new group of kids began playing. Unfortunately March’s rainy days made it so their practice had to be relocated off the field and into the small gym and wrestling room. With 14 practices required for a team to play their first game, Stewart had to create a new training schedule and fast.

“It’s definitely a big change because our fields are way too muddy to be used.” Stewart said. “So, we had to be relocated. Luckily, we can always use batting cages and the small gym when others aren’t using it.” 

In order for any team to succeed, good teamwork is necessary. The JV boys have had several weeks to prepare and come up with a game plan, and a game plan only works if every member on the team is on the same page. Freshman Luke Hewlett knows this firsthand, due to him being the only freshman on the team. it would be assumed that he would be out of contact with his older peers. However, it seems Hewlett has adapted to his new teams style, with an impressive 4 RBI’s during his second game.

“It’s one thing that you can say you’re on the team above the rest of the kids in your grade, but it’s another to play well and contribute to that team,” Hewlett said. “I’ve just been out there hitting as hard as I can everyday. I just cracked 300 feet on a hit yesterday.”