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By Chloe Ellison

Victorious is the obvious choice in this debate, it is obviously superior to iCarly. The only good thing that came out of iCarly was Spencer. The other characters were mediocre at best. On the other hand in Victorious you had Jade, Beck, and Rex the puppet. The cast of Victorious is also much better including Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies. Can you even name someone from the iCarly cast? 

One of the best songs from a Nickelodeon song came out of Victorious: Take A Hint. No one can argue that that song isn’t amazing, and if you do then obviously you need to listen to it again. Overall the Victorious soundtrack highly outranks the iCarly one. There was also a lot more songs that came out of Victorious which is a huge contributor to why it’s better than iCarly. 

After watching a season of iCarly it really starts to run together and repeat itself. In Victorious sure there are some episodes that are similar but most have plot points that stand out. A possible explanation for this is that the characters of Victorious stand out much more. Each character has a very obvious personality that stands out on it’s own but also works well with the other characters. In iCarly the personalities of the characters don’t work together that well and also don’t stand out.

“The show itself is appealing because of where it’s set, like in California at an arts school.” said senior Shivani Bondada. “The cast is way better too, I mean it has Ariana Grande.”