Athlete of the Week: Junior Lacrosse Player Cat Connolly Aims to Raise Team Spirit


Credit to Kyle Button

Junior Cat Connolly poses on the field.

By Kyle Button

Junior Cat Connolly has played lacrosse with FHN and her club team in the summer for almost three years. 

Lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport that is very intense and fast-paced. It takes strength, endurance, and will to be successful in lacrosse. According to Maddie Swart, that is exactly what Connolly is pushing her team to be. Successful. 

While the team is small this year after losing a large number of seniors the past two years, Connolly still has confidence in her team. 

“My goals for this season are to get closer with my teammates and have better team chemistry,” Connolly said. “I’m always open to helping new girls get better.”

Connolly’s teammates definitely appreciate her energy. Having a leader with a positive attitude changes the entire dynamic of the team. 

“She has been playing her butt off,” sophomore Maddie Swart said. “Every day at practice she tries to make us get hyped and have fun.” 

Hype is what Connolly knows. 

“I know I play better when I’m hype or when someone is hyping me up,” Connolly said. “I think it’s essential to keep everyone up, because the confidence that comes with the hype boosts our performance.”

Heaven-Lee Nichols, a class of 2020 athlete, made a big impact on Connolly. Connolly thinks of her like a big sister. 

“She’s the reason I’ve come to love this sport so much,” Connolly said. “Heaven is the reason I am where I am today, and she motivates me to get better every day.” 

Connolly aspires to have the same impact on her teammates as Nichols had on her, and she’s working to make that true this season.

“It makes me so happy to see my teammates improving. I love how this sport brings us together,” Connolly said.